At first glance you would see Jimmy and think that maybe he was some kind of clone type experiment that may have gone wrong, but that may not be the case. It seems as though Jimmy had a sister by the name of Miya who worked at The Wind Fish along side of Yuiren and Yuiran. So the leaves us to believe that maybe Jimmy was kidnapped by Carlos and some tests were run on him to possibly make him some kind of new soldier or warrior.

Known ArtworkEdit

This picture was found hidden in the BMP dump of the arcade machine. This picture of course was some kind of concept art, but it really does bring up some questions. For one the way Jimmy is holding his wine glass it seems as though he may be sophisticated, on the other hand he's totally nude.

Translation: "Hi, I'm Otani. Right one is Karurosu and left one is the character who was deleted by mistake, Jimmy. If I had power a little bit more, you wouldn't be deleted. I'm sorry, Jimmy."

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